Seeing Her Son Being Taken Away, Mother Dog Chased The Truck Non-Stop Until Exhausted

A dog rescuer named Karlee was warned by some friends about the situation with several litters.

A few puppies living under a pile of wood at a construction site that were in the process of being rescued were taken in by dog rescuer Karlee while demolishing the woodpile.

Karlee and the people nearby use food and water to try to lure them out because they are quite shy and scared.

But when they go out, they don’t see their mother. The driver started putting the puppies in the car with the intention of finding the mother later.

So the man started driving and moved to Karlee’s house. The distance to get there was also a few miles, but discovered an unexpected fact that the mother dog had followed the car without knowing it.

And once they discovered her, she was even more sly than her children.

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