Service Dog Throws Himself In Front Of School Bus To Protect His Blind Owner

Audrey Stone and her service dog, Figo, were crossing the road when the academy machine motorist failed to notice them, but Figo noticed the motorist and responded by flinging himself against the closest portion of the car to shield Stone.

Brewster Chief of Police John Del Gardo, according to USA Today, had nothing but praise for Figo, stating, “The canine took a lot of the blow.” And he didn’t want to be away from her. He took a position next to her. He’d come to help her.”

Stone had fractured her right elbow and ankle, as well as three broken caricatures, and fifteen EMTs arrived to assist her. Figo wanted to be by her side during it all, and Gravestone kept calling out for him.

EMTs wrapped Figo’s right leg, which had a serious rent. Despite being in excruciating discomfort, Figo stayed calm and didn’t growl or whimper throughout the chaos.

Because Figo was unable to accompany Stone in the ambulance, he was transported to the vet in a Brewster Fire Department truck.

Both Figo and Stone are recovering from surgery and doing well and recovering in sanitarium.

What an incredibly selfless and stalwart canine! Share Figo’s act of heroism with your family and friends!

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