Cat Safety

Should do keep cats safe with 5 things

Should do keep cats safe with a cat or two around the house, even the most dedicated pet parents can overlook and take Kitty’s presence for granted. Even the simplest of oversights can have major consequences for a cat’s health and quality of life.

Wear a harness for your cat when you drive

Most cats dislike traveling, and resent being cooped up in their carriers, but a free-range cat in a moving vehicle can become a terrified, furry missile. Its can help cat safe and advoid dangerous.

An unconfined cat is distracting to the driver, and vulnerable to injury or escape. With your cat on the loose, ping ponging around the car, your final destination is disaster. So buckle up that secure cat carrier for a safe road trip.

Regular health check-ups

Your cat seems healthy. She eats well, looks good and hasn’t changed her activity level. But cats, like the rest of us, can experience subtle health shifts, from vision to kidneys. Felines are masters at concealing their ills and compensating for problems.

Routine vet visits can pinpoint the start of any health concerns and treat minor problems. If you don’t take them out often, there may be rare diseases. It was too late to cure

Shouldn’t Open the Door

Even screened windows can pose a hazard to curious cats. Excitement over a robin’s fly-by may cause your mellow tabby to accidentally dislodge that screen and plummet to the ground.

If you’re at work when the incident happens, hours could pass before you realize your cat is hurt or missing. Opt for sturdy double screens, and limit window openings to an inch or so when you’re not around to monitor Kitty’s whereabouts.

Monitor cats outdoors

Think your cat longs to explore all of springtime’s splendors on her own. Your indoor kitty’s reaction to the great outdoors might be curiosity, confusion or fright.

She may dart away into traffic, or cower under a bush when a strange dog happens by. Should do keep cats safe harnessed and reassured by your presence when outdoors, for her peace of mind—and yours.

Flea treatment

Your cat stays indoors and rarely comes into contact with other animals. Believe it or not, fleas and ticks can easily enter your home and cause a lot of problems for cats. You can bring fleas into your home after visiting a friend with pets, or get ticks on your clothes after hiking in the woods.

If you don’t pay attention, it will spread easily and your cat will become a haven for fleas. Over time, cats can become sick and spread the disease through relatives.



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