Shy Cat completely opens up when he meets rescued kitten

That’s the most cutest photo of one hand holding the kitten. Love them all they are beautiful curries.

When Jazmin Felder heard meowing coming from a tree in her yard and discovered a [fea.rful] stray tabby, had been hiding between the branches of the tree.

Felder hesitated to add another cat because her family already had four felines. The cat was clearly pleased to see her and she decided to adopt this cat.

Buddy seemed grateful to finally be safe but he shied away from sleeping or playing with Felder’s other cats. He would always be a loner and never liked other kitties until he met a new feline and everything has changed.

Six months after Buddy arrived, a 5-week-old gray kitten named Hannah was found [a.ban.doned] under a neighboring home and Felder rescued her. Hannah and Buddy were opposites in every way.

Buddy was serious and withdrawn, Hannah was affectionate and outgoing. Hannah teaches Buddy to calm down and helps his best friend to be more outgoing and adventurous.

Hannah has become the most precious thing in Buddy’s life — and the once-lonely cat constantly works to show her how much she means to him.
The kitten gave him purpose. Beautiful thing!!.

Wished all animals could have the right to be happy not to be [hu.rt] by human beings they give so much love and they don’t ask for it just but a little bit of love it’s so sad what we do to these animals,, and it shows the beauty that they have inside them what happened to us

Adorable goes to show everyone needs someone in their life.

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