Sick Dog Tossed In Landfill For Being “Useless” Buried In Trash & Waits To Die

Kratos is an 8-year-old Kangal Shepherd who was discovered in a severely emaciated state in a deserted landfill in Corum, Turkey.

The dumped dog was not only malnourished and dehydrated, but had also suffered complete hair loss owing to the many oozing sores that covered his body.

Volunteers from “Rescuers Without Borders” spotted Kratos collapsed in a muddy hole in the hazardous landfill on a freezing day. They were heartbroken to see the defeated on the dog’s face, who clearly thought he had a loving family before he ended up in the godforsaken landfill.

Sadly, a story like Kratos’ is not uncommon in Turkey. In the past few months alone, animal activists have rescued over 800 dogs who were dumped in various landfills. Unfortunately, many of the dogs passed away before they could get help. Rescuers feel that owners usually discard their dogs when they get old or sick, or when they are no longer needed for “work”.

So far, the rescue has rehabilitated hundreds of “landfill” dogs. Despite their unfortunate situation, these dogs are always friendly and eager to please humans. However, the mission to help the landfill dogs has slowed down as it costs about $800 – $2,000 to rescue each dog.

The workers have updated that Kratos’ recovery has been slow due to his weakened immune system, and they hope that he will regain his health in about 2 months. His fur has grown back, and he will be ready for his forever home once he makes a completely recovery. Get well soon, sweet boy!

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