Sitting Next To Her Dying Puppy, She was Crying Not Knowing What To Do And Begging Everyone Was Passing And No One Stopped To Help Them

In a scene breaks the stone heart, and i do not know why no one stopped to help, a mother dog sitting next to her dying puppy, she was crying not knowing what to do and begging everyone was passing beside them.

The puppy was lynig on the street having a stroke. Every once in a while she approached the puppy to check it out and tried to awake him, her eyes was sad and full of worries.

No one knows what happened to them,and also no one stopped to help them. The mother was still patiently sitting beside the puppy and constantly looks around and approaches anyone to seek help.

“mother’s love is so sacred” Said the kind woman.”

The woman called the Animals Aid Unlimited and when the puppy was taken away, the mother dog approached to say goodbye to her puppy for the last time. She was worried and watched the car until it left.

In the body of the puppy there was a large wound that was infected. That’s what caused him to had high fever and a stroke. It looks like he was attacked by bigger dogs.

After two weeks of treatment, the puppy is completely healthy again and finally he will be returned to his mother in thier new home. It will be a very happy reunion.

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