Somber Puppy Received Medical Care But They Couldn’t Heal Her Sad Soul

In many parts of the world, strays are taken care of by kind people,The homeless animal population is so out of control that there is no way enough shelters could be built to house them all. One small puppy was being looked after by a woman but when the puppy, named Suzie, became badly injured, the woman called Animal Aid for help.

The little puppy looked up at the rescuers when they arrived, with pleading eyes. She knew she needed help. She was calm but afraid. She was likely in a lot of pain but was being so brave for those around her. The rescuers knelt down and told Suzie it was going to be okay.

One rescuer tried to get Suzie to stand but her one leg was so swollen. Standing wasn’t an option. It was time to take this brave little one to the Animal Aid rescue center to have her medically evaluated. The one man carried her to their vehicle very carefully. Suzie cooperated but still seemed frightened.

Suzie had never been away from home before. Yes, she lived outside, but she was comfortable and happy, especially when she spent time in the woman’s yard. As she traveled to the rescue center, her new human friends could tell she was confused and afraid. Once on the exam table, they gave Suzie medicine to ease her pain.

Suzie’s pain was alleviated but she was still so frightened and withdrawn. The medical team was careful while examining her. They were extra gentle with the small pup, as they understood her pain and her fear. They examined Suzie’s entire body. As they tried to stand her up again, it was obvious that her leg was badly fractured. Now they had to come up with a treatment plan.

The medical team made Suzie a little splint and place it on her leg. She was so patient with them despite everything. They were desperately hoping that once her pain subsided and she realized she was safe, that her mood would brighten. She seemed so sad!

One of the vet techs put ointment on her head wound. Now it was time for this baby to get some rest! After Suzie woke up, they wanted to give her a good meal. She did eat but she still seemed depressed. They sensed she was homesick. They placed her, after her meal, with other puppies her age so she didn’t feel lonely. After some time, Suzie accepted the puppies as her new friends. She even snuggled with them!

After some time at the rescue center, Suzie’s fractured leg got a lot better. But they wouldn’t consider her healed until they saw her happy. It wasn’t just about healing her body, they also wanted to heal her soul! . It is so worth it! Animal Aid is a fantastic organization that saves countless lives each year. We are forever grateful for all they do.

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