Stray Cat Can’t Stay Away From Family’s House

One day Erin and her partner noticed that they were getting a visitor out on their patio. On closer inspection they realised it was a little tabby cat.

The cat would just sit there watching them from afar almost every day, so the couple decided to put some food out.

The little kitty kept his distance but certainly enjoyed the food and treats that were being left out for him.

But then after a while he began to try and follow them, and one time even managed to make it into Erin’s office.

He would wander in, do a lap or two and then flop himself down on the floor. They decided to name him Kevin.

Erin was nervous at first because they have a dog, Murphy. Even though Murphy was cat friendly they didn’t know what sort of reaction he would have to Kevin being in the house.

She had nothing to worry about, Kevin went straight up to the 70lb pooch and gave him a head-boop as if to say, hey, you’re my friend now.

It was time to take Kevin to the vet to see if he had been microchipped, he wasn’t but what they did find out is that Kevin is a GIRL and in fact, she was very pregnant!

The vet showed them x-rays of Kevin and they saw there could be about 4 to 5 kittens arriving any time soon, even tonight.

Once back at home they set Kevin up with a nest, it was time to play the waiting game. A few days later Kevin gave birth to 4 adorable kittens and like most kitties, she was an amazing mom.

Erin and her partner were over the moon, the only thing now was to see what Murphy’s reaction would be. They were both very nervous about how he would be affected by the new arrivals.

Watch the video:

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