Stray Dog Finally Get Adopted By A Flight Attendant After Waiting For Six Months

When a dog chooses its human soulmate, it will go the extra mile to show its loyalty and affection. This heartwarming story is an example.

Flight attendant, Olivia Sievers from Germany frequently travels to Argentina as part of her job. AT one of the hotels in Buenos Aires, she meets Rubio, a stray dog that she feds whenever she saw him.

After finishing her work in Argentina, she traveled back to Germany. Little did she know, Rubio waits for her every day at that hotel she used to stay.

After half a year, she returned to Argentina and when she is about to check-in at the same hotel, she was surprised that Rubio is waiting for her.

Olivia then realizes that it was love at first sight and adopted Rubio. Who couldn’t resist such a pure dog? They will be inseparable and Rubio finally found his forever home.

It was absolutely worth the wait. We are happy that they found each other. Watch their heartwarming story below:

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