Stray dog keeps crying and refuses to leave his friend that was painfully laying dead in the rain

The dog remained whimpering and unwilling to go as he lay hopelessly alongside his companion pup.

This is the sad moment a stray dog wept over its friend’s lifeless body, refused to leave his side.

The video, which has been viewed over five million times online, shows the puppy standing over its deceased companion in the county of Daying, Suining City, Sichuan Province, China.

In this story, the dog is so devoted to his dying friend that he is willing to die for him. Humans regard dogs to be their closest companions.

A man driving along the road happened to notice the two puppies. This heartbreaking story took place in China.

Mr. Xiong, a man from China, was the one who rescued the dogs. Unfortunately, one of the dogs died and lay on the ground in the rain.

The second dog refused to accompany that man since he was so devoted to his pal. The man wore an apron over the dog to keep it from freezing.

The dog looked devastated and cried mournfully next to its dead friend, refusing to leave its side

Mr. Xiong, a bystander, covered the still-alive puppy in a piece of clothes, but the dog appeared distraught about the death of its companion.

‘I wrapped it in a piece of clothing and returned it,’ he explained.

Mr. Xiong carried the surviving stray to his place of business, where his coworkers fed the frail puppy.

He and his employees were unable to retain the puppy, so they placed it in a cardboard box and brought it to a nearby animal shelter.

‘I hope some kind-hearted person would adopt it,’ Mr. Xiong added.

It was impossible to tell the dog apart from his departed friend. The man brought the dog home, cared for him, and fed him correctly.

We are optimistic that the dog will soon be adopted by a caring family. The man posted the video and photos on social media in the hopes of finding a home for the dog.

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