Stray Kitten Chooses Policewoman as Her New Mother

While out on patrol, Officer Rowsey and her partner noticed a little kitten who was all alone, scared and in distress. Of course they had to stop to see what they could do because they thought the little kitten must have been very frightened.

Little did they know this little kitten would change Officer Rowsey’s life.

They began to search the neighbourhood to see if they could find the kitten’s mother and asked around for her owner but sadly their search came up with nothing. It was clear that this little kitten had no home of her own.

By now the frightened little kitten was a lot calmer, Rowsey had wrapped her in a towel and was giving her lots of cuddles.

Before long the little tabby gained her confidence and climbed up onto her shoulders and into her heart.

It didn’t take long for this caring officer to fall head over heels with the kitten, she decided to adopt her and named her Dobby.

She then took Dobby to the vet for a check up where they estimated she was around six weeks old, and she came away with a clean bill of health.

Both Rowsey and Dobby were very happy to have each other in their lives.

What appeared to be another routine day on patrol turned into something that became life changing for both of them. This cute little tabby now has a place to call her forever home with a human that cares and loves her to bits.

And here she is today, what a beautiful kitty she has become.

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