Stray Kitten Sneaks Out of Crate to Take Care of a Sick Dog

When a little ginger kitten was found in a storm drain he was in a terrible way, so his rescuers took him to Greenslade Animal Hospital.

There had been a big rainstorm and the poor kitten was soaked through, because they were unsure of any health issues he may have incurred, he was put in the isolation ward where he could heal and recover.

They named him Ginger Biscuit and he was understandably very nervous when he first arrived at Greenslade. They estimated he was only about 8 to 10 weeks old and he wasn’t used to company. He must of been on his own for quite some time.

Fortunately, he was in the isolation ward all by himself – except for a stray dog named Anne.

Before arriving at the hospital Anne was found hiding under a bush, she was covered in fleas and ticks and was very very weak. The staff were doing their best to heal her and felt the isolation ward would be good for her recovery.

Ginger and Anne’s crates were placed at opposite ends of the room so there was no way that they could have contact with each other, or so everybody thought!

Ginger had managed to escape from his crate, the staff wondered where he had gone until they looked across at Anne’s crate – there they were cuddled up together.

“We underestimated the kitten’s ability to wriggle itself through the door of the cage he was placed in,” explained one of the staff.

“With the little dog being so weak, we never considered her to be a risk to the kitten, but when we saw them together the first time around, there definitely was a moment of panic, seeing as some dogs don’t react well to cats and vice versa.”

It was a worrying situation, but everyone’s fears were put at ease when they saw how well the pair of them were getting on. In fact they seemed to be calming each other down.

“After initially discovering them together, we moved the kitten back into his cage, as his litter box, food and water was in there, but he immediately made his way out of the cage and back to his friend.”

So now these new friends share a crate together full time and it’s doing both of them the world of good. They are both recovering well and there is a sense of calmness in the isolation ward.

“It is definitely a case of ‘yours, mine and ours’ with these two. They love to snuggle and even have meals together! They have toys, but the kitten’s favourite pastime is chasing Anne’s tail!”

It may not of been what the staff had planned but everyone agrees that this wonderful friendship is the best thing that could’ve happened for both of them.

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