Stray Kitten Wandered into Family Garden and Decided to Leave the Streets Behind

This story begins when a woman from Montréal, Canada, spotted a tiny tabby kitten all alone in her garden.

Meet Alixe!

The woman looked around but there were no other kittens or a mother cat in sight, but when her family cat came out to take a look, the curious kitten walked straight up and greeted the cat with a few sniffs.

It became obvious that the little tabby was very wary of people because as the woman slowly approached she immediately ran off.

The family wondered whether the little kitten would return to the garden and eventually she did. They believe she was probably looking for their family cat along with the possibility of getting some food in her belly.

They knew they needed to get this little kitten to safety and made several attempts to try and catch her, but then a neighbour stepped in and managed to get her to a safe place.

It was decided that the best course of action was to contact a local rescuer, Nadia, to come and pick the kitten up. She was soon on the scene and took the little tabby to her local rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montréal to give her the chance of a better life.

Once there they estimated the kitten was around two months old and found a loving foster home where she would be socialized.

She was very scared when she arrived at her temporary home, her heart was racing as she curled up at the back of the cat carrier. But before long she realised that she was safe and there was no need to hide.

Little Alixe soon discovered the joys of living in a caring environment and began to realise that all the scary people around her were there to help and make her feel safe.

She began to enjoy the company of the people around her, but especially enjoyed hanging out and playing with the other cats in the house, learning what it was like to be a cat – she must’ve been on her own for quite some time.

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