Stray Puppy Shed Real Tears When Feels Secure After Batterιng By Man High On Drʋgs

Every day, stray animals fight. It’s difficult enough to find food and water.

Another daily struggle is staying safe from the elements. Many people may not realize that there are those who consider stray animals to be “pests” and will harm them. It’s awful, but it’s a reality in many nations where there are no laws against animal cruelty.

A small dog that had done nothing wrong was smacked many times by a high-on-drugs guy. Her injuries became life-threatening.

When the puppy, who was eventually called Leona, was discovered, she was completely helpless on the sidewalk. She had infected ears, poor balance, and severely wounded legs. She couldn’t stand because she was in such bad shape. She was sprawled out, waiting for someone to come and help her.

Fortunately, someone did exactly that!
Leona, who was only a baby, was taken to the vet. The doctor saw immediately away from that she would need surgical therapy to survive. Leona was in a lot of discomforts as well.

The doctor quickly started her on IV pain medication. Leona may be seen crying actual tears. But, happily, things were about to change!

Leona’s procedure went off without a hitch. It will take time for her to recuperate, but for the time being, she is recuperating quickly. She’s also with a loving carer (and animal rescuer) who intends to go to any length to find her the ideal home. Let us offer our prayers to Leona! She is deserving!

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