Sweet Shelter Dog Refuses To Be Adopted Without His Favorite ‘Dinner Plate’

Oliver was discovered wandering after refusing to leave the backyard of a Memphis, Tennessee home. When animal control officers approached him, he hopped over the fence and out of the yard as if it were a game. Finally, they had to set up a humane trap to capture him, and he was sent to Memphis Animal Services.

Oliver’s brand-new shelter companions could tell from the moment he arrived that he’d had a home or someone caring for him at some point. He was extremely bright and enjoyed food and deals, knowing that if he listened and did properly, he would be showered with them.

“I met him on the first day he came in, and he sat for me before I even informed him I had treats,” Katie Pemberton, community interaction specialist at Memphis Animal Services, told The Dodo. “Of course, once the snacks were distributed, he was much more eager to relax.” The more he got to know me, the more he pressed up to the bars of his kennels to be caressed.”

“The very first night he arrived up, our field supervisor stopped by his kennel in our ACO intake room and witnessed him with his dish in his mouth,” Pemberton explained. “His attractive technique succeeded because she gave him additional food!” He continued to do it when he got to his permanent kennel. He had his bowl in his mouth for the majority of the time.”

As a fun little prank, someone from Oliver’s past may have taught him to fetch his food dish. It’s also possible that he hadn’t eaten in a while and was concerned that if he lost sight of his food dish, he wouldn’t be fed again.

Oliver continued to carry his food dish with him everywhere he went during his stay at the shelter, which the personnel found amusing. They began filming his habits and posting them on social media, and it didn’t take long for the rest of the world to fall in love with Oliver as well.

“We got an unusually large number of inquiries about Oliver after his photographs went viral– I wish every dog had as many people interested in adopting them,” Pemberton added.

Oliver’s bowl obsession drew a lot of attention to him, which resulted in his permanent family eventually showing up for him

Oliver was adopted and sent to his new family– and he was overjoyed when he noticed their “dinner plate” included him.

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