The chained dog begins to move its tail with joy when it sees the rescuer

Former DJ known as Takis had a shelter in Crete, Greece. He helped over 400 stray dogs and became a hero for them.

One day he found a dog who was chained to the wall. The dog was in awful condition. The pitiful dog was begging Takis to release her. When she saw a stranger in that isolated area she was the happiest dog in the world at that moment. he started wagging her tail very enthusiastically. The man immediately freed her and took her to Takis Shelter.

The poor dog jumped in the car and sat next to her rescuer. Soon she was in the shelter where sh was taken care and given food. After feeling that she was in good and safe hands the dog looked at her rescuer and her eyes showed gratitude. Takis was very glad that he could save the dog’s life.

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