The Dog Collapsed After Being Hit By A Car And Brain-Injured dog’s Sparkling Recovery

This is the true  story of the dog that was hit by a car and the miracle happened to this dog.

Animal Aid Unlimited is a hospital and rescue service in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India for injured and ill known street animals. Below is the story they shared :

This dog had been hit by car and fortunately he is still alive.

“People witnessed a dog’s collapse after being hit by a car and the motionless dog in a pool of blood and  they didn’t because with the first touch, this completely disoriented dog exploded with random motion, not trying to flee so much as experiencing an adrenaline rush and a completely dazed brain.”

“He was then promptly rescued by the lifeguards and they had treated him in the night. Already improving but still confused. He couldn’t stand up by himself.”

“We  worried that his brain injury would bleed, causing permanent damage, but within hours he began to show signs of slight improvement, able to focus his gaze and permit himself to be gently touched. But the biggest surge of hope we experienced in those first frightening hours was his interest in food, and ability to coordinate his head movement enough to eat by himself.”

“For several days we needed to watch him around the clock to make sure he didn’t lose consciousness due to brain bleeding, which is one of the dangers of concussion. They  named him Mitchell–it felt like a strong, stable, serious name for a boy who had the very serious work of healing from a head injury for many days ahead. But within a few days of light physiotherapy, Mitchell managed to stand on his own.”

Only 3 weeks of bedrest allowed his injured brain to heal. He’s a shy boy but he’s relaxed and happy now.

Many thanks to the  Animal Aid Unlimited and share this story with your family and friends.

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