The Little Soul Cried A Lot Because It Was So Painful Because Of The Evil Disease

A puppy with a blood parasite revives the story shared by AnimalSTEP Official

This little soul is suffered from a blood parasite and server disease. He was so weak, exhausted, and anemic. Lucky was rushed to a vet clinic for urgent treatment.

He had cried so much in extreme pain. They managed to give a blood transfusion, IV fluid, and antibiotics. He is so little and he almost lost his battle.

We’re broken hearts but thank God he got rescued in time. He gets back to health after just a few days. He is adopted by May’MiiZz Mink and her family. He grew up in good health and lives a happy life in his loving home.

Thank you so much May’MiiZz Mink for adopting him. We’re so grateful for all donations that covered his medical cost. Your love and kindness made it possible.

Watch more Video story of this poor child:

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