The lovely puppy, who was waiting for his owners to return, was helped by a stray cat

For nearly six months, the adorable dog was seen wandering about outside. His owners were elderly and moved into a care facility. They were unable to bring their pet along. And the loyal animal waited for them to return in the neighborhood.

When the residents saw him, they offered him food and drink. But the most astonishing thing happened when a stray cat came up to him and cuddled him to cheer him up. It was emotional, and one of the residents caught these beautiful moments on film.

Residents created a tiny place for them to dwell in, but they preferred to live and sleep in the stairwell. They were hugging to keep each other warm and comfortable. Neighbors became concerned and contacted a rescue center. After that, the charming couple was turned into a refuge.

They will remain safe and healthy until a loving family comes along to adopt them both.

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