The Old Dog Was Very Happy About The Return Of The Owner From Military Service After Several Months Of Separation

When dogs become a part of your life, they will love you forever, no matter how far or how far apart you are.
For a young woman, there is no greater feeling in the world than coming home to see her old dog again, and their reunion was truly beautiful.
This girl left her home to attend a 10-week core course. It was the first time she had left.

Although it was an important step for her career, it meant that she had to stand out from her beloved old dog.
The girl and the dog grew up together. Saying goodbye was really hard and very sad.

But after a three-month break, the girl returned home for the holidays, and no one was as excited to see her as her old dog.

«We opened the front door and he ran out to greet me,» she said.

The dog was so overjoyed that he fell into the girl’s arms, just wanting to be close to his old friend.

He just wanted to hug his inseparable friend.

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