The owner evicted the pregnant cat, but the next-door dog took her in a booth

Before accompanying her owners to the dacha, Maryona, the cat, lived in a lovely city apartment with her beloved owners. The family planned to spend the summer in the dacha, and Maryona loved the laid-back vibes.

The cat liked to go around other yards, climb trees, run through the grass, and hunt for mice. She made friends as well, notably with the neighbor’s dog Ima and the cat Mora.

When the summer season ended, her owners went to the city, but they refused to take her with them, so she was left at the rural house.

Despite her good manners, the new owner did not immediately fall in love with the cat and had her removed from the house. Maryona gave birth in November, in the dead of winter.

At that point, Ima arrived just in time to help her buddy. She turned out to be a very nice and kind dog. Beautiful Ima helped Maryona keep the kittens warm by keeping the cat and kittens warm in her stall.

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