The rescue canine got his own kitty and loves her like a daughter

Meet Bubba, the 6 year old rescue canine, has always been focused on cats. It began when his human mother Rebecca took him from a sanctuary in Phoenix, when he was just 3-months-old.

Her level mate was truly zeroing in on a litter of little cats and Bubba just clicked with them.

Finally, following 6 years of postponing, Pizzello stunned her smooth canine with his own unique little feline.

“I for the most part acknowledged he’d esteem having his own one however I expected to hang on until we moved to New York this year,” Pizzello said.

She got the minuscule ginger little feline from an asylum, also.

“The way that Bubba and Rue have unclear concealing really blows my mind… I understood Bubba would be spilling over with elation the ensuing we walked around the entrance and youngster was I right.”

Following two or three hours at her new home, the feline fell asleep on Bubba.

“I think Rue thinks Bubba is her mom and Bubba loves it,” Pizzello added.

“He washes her like a kid and nestles close to her to make her pleasant. They will be a charming group to watch grow up together!”

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