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The Sad Story Of The Dog That Was Abandoned By Her Family When She Run Over

There are stories of pet abandonment that break your heart. Baby was a dog who had a lot of love to give, but her family left her behind when she needed them the most. She was two years old when she was hit by a speeding driver and ran over her legs leaving her disabled.

Fortunately, she overcame the obstacles and was adopted by a Colombian rescue foundation, where she spent the best days of her life surrounded by love and affection, but fate took its toll on her and she died, leaving their caregivers in great pain.

The HalaKen Animal Orphanage’s Martha Rosa Caraballo tells Bunko about one of their favorite dogs at the shelter, Baby, an energetic, kind, and optimistic canine who had been abandoned.

Babé was rescued in 2020 after becoming paralyzed after being hit by a car; she had hoped that her previous owners would support her, but they only rejected her and turned their backs on her.

Despite the pain in her heart and body, she managed to move until she was helped by this rescue organization, who, despite their best efforts, informed her family that she would be put to sleep.

Her days were difficult, but she was able to live a normal life and move around thanks to the care she received from her caregivers; even the rescuers loved her because, despite their inability to pay for a chair or treatment, she was content.

“He went through difficult times of pain and severe injuries, but he recovered with care and a lot of love,” the organization says in a statement.

Baby couldn’t walk like the other kids, but that didn’t bother her; she was happy, she had love, and she had food; what more could she ask for in life? However, she had completed her mission on earth, which was to give love and companionship, and she sadly passed away due to an intestinal infection, closing his eyes forever.

She left a huge hole in the shelter; everyone loved her, but they knew she’d gone to the other side of the rainbow, where she’d no longer suffer and be able to see all the dogs rescued from the shelter. She may not have had a home in which to spend her final days, but she did have a family who did everything they could to help her.

This shelter needs a lot of help, they have helped many little animals and they need food, as well as paying for the medication of some of their rescued like Baby. If you want to support with a grain of sand you can contact the Halaken Animal Orphanage on Facebook where they will provide you with the necessary information in case you want to sponsor or adopt one of these beautiful canines. Don’t leave them alone, they need you!

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