They rescue a dog and her puppies from the dump, she protected them in a cardboard house

Afra is a dog who lived with her five puppies in a garbage dump and protected them at all times, being the guardian of her little house.

Can you imagine living on the street and having the responsibility of children? This was the life of Afra, a dog who lived in a garbage dump and had just had five puppies , which she accommodated in a cardboard and palm tree house . The love of a mother in little dogs is very strong, because Afra did everything possible to feed and keep her pups safe, although they were surrounded by infections and in poor conditions, but thanks to the fact that a foundation took pity on them, today they not only better off in a temporary home, but are ready to start a new stage in their lives.

They save a dog mother and her babies from a dump.

Afra lived in filth and ignorance; no one helped her despite the fact that she was pregnant, and she sought refuge in a garbage dump. According to Patitas Felices Guasave AC Sinaloa, Mexico, Afra was reported, but no one knew where she was. It was then that the rescuers of this foundation went to that location and realized the terrible conditions in which this canine remained. And their babies

The puppies were about a week old, and their loving mother kept them under a cardboard and palm tree house that someone had built for her so they wouldn’t be left out in the open.

They got closer and realized five babies, three males and two females, who needed a lot of love and special food.

“The babies must be barely a week old, please help us, we need puppy food (it has more protein) for her, she is too skinny and has to feed her babies,” the foundation said on April 15.
Afra and her cubs will have a better life.

Because of the dog’s condition, they began feeding her a high-protein diet to give that the milk she gave her puppies was nutritious. She was cared for in a temporary home for two months while the puppies grew and she improved, but they are now looking for new homes for her.

“Well, their babies are already two months old, and they are ready to give in RESPONSIBLE ADOPTION.”

After Afra’s cruel life, she deserves to have a forever home and to know that her babies will not have to go through what she did for so long. If you want to donate, sponsor, or adopt one of her adorable little ones, you can contact Facebook Patitas Felices Guasave, AC, Sinaloa, México, where they will give you the necessary information.


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