They’re Losing Hope Of Finding Their Pet When Big White Dog Appears In The Road

Jasper did something he’d never done before and escaped his family’s yard, so it worried his owners, Mary and Brent.

So they set out to find their Great Pyrenees by looking all over for him. But it was three days later when they started losing hope and thought they may never see their sweet dog again.

It turned out that over the course of those three days, Jasper had crossed the Columbia River at least three times. The dog would be spotted on one side before disappearing to the other as the search became a community-wide effort. This let Mom and Dad know he was still alive, so they kept pushing forward.

While searching, Mary would bring up to Brent about stopping one more time. He replied to her saying, “Why would we stop? It’s not like Hollywood. It’s not like the dog’s just gonna get in the middle of the road and run toward you.”

But that’s exactly what would happen. The two couldn’t believe their eyes when this big white dog appeared in the middle of the road and approached them!

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