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This Blind and Starving Dog Waited for Death, but a Miracle Came to Save Her

There is nothing nobler than making this world a better place, especially for animals, domesticated or in the wild. More often than not, when animals are in danger and needed saving, there is a force that drives us to rescue them.

One of them is this amazing woman on staff from Lucky Dog Refuge in Stanford City, Connecticut, in the USA who found a dog in a very pitiful condition.

This furry fellow named Halo lay curled up in the forest. Her gaze was completely gone, which showed that she was blind. Not only that, but she was also hungry. Fortunately, the goodwill of their group allowed Halo to have a new life.

Halo was really in a pitiful state. But after getting a little grooming, lots of love, affection, and some ice cream from McDonald’s, the dog got up and started showing her true self.

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