This Dog Has Devoted Her Life To Save Other Puppies

Tiny sick puppy fighting for her life was rejected by her mama – 3 years later, she’s HUGE and caring for orphaned puppie

That is when kat , a licensed vet ech who started a rescue group … that ‘s focus on helping new borns .

There is never a time where I ll give up on an animalso even if that meant losing her,

I will give her a chance to see if we could pulll her through. But I was worried every day that she was going to die because of how sick she was.

She was hanging on by a thread .Kat had to amputate her hind legs and part of her tail.and after two weeks of uncertainty ….

She took a turn and she is being better , she is better and soon it will be time to looke for her forever home. .

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