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This Woman Built A “Cat Ladder” For Strays So They Could Come In When It’s Cold Outside

4 years ago, the winter in Turkey has been exceptionally cold, but one generous woman devised an ingenious solution to aid the freezing stray cats: she created a cat ladder that climbs into her home. Sebnem Ilhan said that, “I created the ladder so the kitties could enter into my nice residence.” After seeing homeless cats suffering in the cold, the woman who works as a dentist in Tekirdag came up with this solution and decided to turn her home into a winter haven.

Ilhan added some ornaments to her windows because she wasn’t sure how her neighbors would respond to the change. “I figured if I put some flower pots there, no one would mind,” she explained. However, the response has been extremely favorable, particularly among the numerous kittens that have taken advantage of her offer of a warm resting spot.

Ilhan has volunteered her time to care for stray dogs and cats at a local rescue, in addition to building a “cat ladder.” “I wish there were no hungry or thirsty animals, only happy ones,” she remarked. “People aren’t the only ones who live in this world.”

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