Three Diseases Were Slowly Killing Her & Her Tiny Weak Body Had Given Up

When Mila was found, she had already completely given up.

Her weak body was riddled with leishmaniasis, ehrlichia and anaplasma — three diseases that were slowly killing her.

In addition to her diseases, she was also starving and dying of thirst.

She had been ignored and neglected for so long, that she didn’t even want to live anymore.

Thankfully, Viktor Larkhill and his team of rescuers refused to let this be the end for her. They took her in and brought her to the hospital. She received numerous treatments for her diseases, and within a few months, she looked like a brand new dog!

She was so much happier and given a clean bill of health. And the best part? She found a loving home!

Her rescuers flew with her to northern Spain, where she was able to meet her new family and doggy sibling.

Watch Mila’s incredible transformation in the video below:

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