Tiny Dog Abused For Babies In Puppy Mill Cowers In A Corner When Man Approaches

Harleigh the Chihuahua was being shamelessly abused by a puppy mill for multiple litters. The unlucky girl had lived all her life in a wire cage and no human had ever showed her any love.

She was over 3 years old when she was rescued by “National Mill Dog Rescue”.

Harleigh was in a shock through the entire rescue. She cowered in a corner whenever any rescuer reached out to her. It took a lot of effort, but they were finally able to bring her back to the safety of their shelter!

Back at the shelter, the bright and strange atmosphere at the shelter caused her to panic. The shelter realized that Harleigh’s traumatic scars run deep. They decided to take is easy with her and let her get accustomed to her new life.

One of the shelter’s volunteers took it upon himself to break Harleigh’s shell of fears. He would visit her kennel each day, hoping that she would come to him or let him pet her. However, the terrified pooch would reject the rescuer every time, and go back to cowering in a corner.

One fine day, Harleigh mustered up some courage and approached the man on her own.

One fine day, Harleigh mustered up some courage and approached the man on her own. The shelter staff watched in awe as she let him hold her and stroke her for the first time! Everyone had to hold back tears when she melted in the rescuer’s arms! But after the man left for the day, Harleigh was back to her old scared self.

The man kept persevering with Harleigh and transformed her into a loving pet after months of efforts. She was soon adopted by the Merenda family, who renamed her Mindy. Her new family says she’s a trusting, confident pooch who adores them and her Chihuahua sister, Missy! What a heartwarming happy ending for Mindy!

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