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Tips on How To Make Dog and Cat Become Friends

Are you hesitant about getting another dog but are afraid that the cat at home will be upset? Or are your cats and dogs still fighting with each other? Although most dogs and cats don’t get along right away, there are ways to help them change and accept each other. Begy will be sharing Tips on How To Make Dog and Cat Become Friends.

Let The Dog Meet The Cat

1. Prepare for the introduction

Tips on How To Make a Dog and Cat Become Friends
Prepare for the introduction

You want to bring a cat/dog home while a live dog/cat is there. Or trying to get your dog and cat to live more harmoniously, you need to build a good foundation first. To begin with, you should make sure that your home has enough space for the dog and cat to hide from each other. You’ll also need to keep them separate for a few days, so it’s better if your house has more than one room.

  • Besides, make sure the dog will listen to you. You may have to re-teach your obedience training from scratch if it doesn’t heed your command. Don’t let your first meeting with the cat go awry because the puppy is overzealous or aggressive.
  • If you’re getting a new dog or an unresponsive puppy, be extra careful when introducing it to your cat.

2. Slowly but surely!

DO NOT let the dog chase the cat around. First, keep them separate for 3-4 days, then let the dog and cat meat in person. Animals need time to get used to each other’s smells and adjust to their new home before they can accept meeting each other.

  • Dogs and cats tend to fight or be unhappy if you suddenly force them to be near each other. Keep pets in a separate room and keep them out of sight of each other until both calm down.
  • Start mixing pet scents by petting the cat, then rubbing the dog and vice versa (if they’re in two separate rooms).

3. Switch rooms to keep dogs and cats together

Tips on how to make dogs and cats becomes friend
Switch rooms to keep dogs and cats together

The goal is for the pets to smell each other but not see the other’s presence. The scent is an important way that animals recognize each other. Let your pets get used to the smell of each other before the actual meeting.

Try wiping the dog with a towel and then place the towel under the cat’s food bowl. This will help the cat gradually get used to and accept the smell of his/her canine companion.

4. Let the dog and cat smell each other through the gap under the door separating them

Pets will communicate with the new scent by smelling them directly on specific pets, even though they can’t see each other.
Try feeding your dog and cat on different sides of the same door. This will force them to adapt to each other’s smells.

5. Wait until you both seem relaxed and ready to meet.

If your cat panics, runs away or hides every time he approaches the door, you need to give your cat more time. As cats begin to adjust to the scent and sound of the dog, it’s time for them to see each other.

6. Hold the cat in your arms until it is calm and relaxed.

Then, ask a relative or friend to slowly lead the dog (on a leash) into the room. Step by step bring the dog closer and wait for them to calm down before touching. Just let the pets get used to the other’s presence, do not let them interact directly with each other.

  • Make sure the cat is comfortable to be held.
  • Wear long gloves to protect your arms from scratches.
  • Another option is to place the cat in a log bale, while keeping the dog on a leash. This will ensure that no physical contact occurs during the first meeting.

7. Show love evenly when you introduce dogs and cats to each other.

Animals, like us, get jealous when the “new kid” gets more attention than they do. Show them that you love both of them and are not partial to either pet.

8. Split them up again.

Do not force pets to interact with each other for too long, this will tire them and lead to conflict. Make sure the first meeting goes well by keeping it brief and pleasant.
Gradually increase the duration of each such encounter

9. Continue to let the dog and cat interact with each other until they become relaxed in the other’s presence.

Once the cat appears comfortable enough, let it roam freely in the room. However, you will still need to keep the dog on a leash. After a few weeks like this, the dog will understand not to follow the cat. Then you can unleash it.

To help calm and relax your pet, you can also use pheromones available at veterinary stores. Talk to your veterinarian if they also think that the use of synthetic hormones could help your pet during this acclimatization period.

Tips on How To Make Dog and Cat Become Friends

Tips on How To Make Dog and Cat Become Friends
Tips on How To Make Dog and Cat Become Friends

1. Separate your pets every time you are away or not with them.

You should do this for a while so that the dog and cat don’t harm each other.

2 Redirect negative dog behavior directed at cats.

These behaviors include barking and rough play. Offer another activity for the dog or do some obedience training to distract his attention from the cat.

Try to limit yelling at the dog in these situations. As long as you maintain the positivity of the situation, the dog will gradually form positive connections with the cat in the future.

3. Reward and praise the dog’s good behavior when it is around the cat

This includes the dog’s friendly attitude or the dog simply ignoring the cat. Thus, when the cat later enters the room, the dog will not be aggressive or overly attentive, and at the same time more interested in being nice to the housemate.

Say: “Look here __ (dog’s name), __ (cat’s name) here! Yeahhhh!” with a very cheerful voice. Then, give the dog a small training reward. Dogs will soon associate a pleasant feeling with the presence of a cat.

4. Provide a place for the cat to hide when chased by a dog

It could be a tree house or a dedicated cat entrance, anything for the cat to escape to. In general, it is only when the cat is cornered and there is no way to avoid it that the cat will attack the dog again.

5. Have realistic expectations

If your pet dog or cat has never lived with another pet before, it will temporarily not know how to deal with the situation. In addition, whether dogs view cats as pleasure, prey or exotic objects; Cats see dogs as strange or dangerous objects, all of which you can’t predict until they actually meet each other. Just understand that this adaptation can take quite a while and you will have the patience to help cats and dogs get along.


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