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Top 10 biggest fears of dogs

If you are a dog lover or at least a dog owner, you must have seen many times when your dog shows signs of twitching, shivering, drooling, barking,... Or in some cases being very aggressive. aggressive… those are the manifestations of panic and fears in dogs.

If you are a dog lover or at least a dog owner, you must have seen many times when your dog shows signs of twitching, shivering, drooling, barking,… Or in some cases being very aggressive. aggressive… those are the manifestations of panic and fears of dogs.
Everyone has their fears and in dogs too they have their fears and phobias. These fears are caused by many different causes. In this article, let’s learn about the “top 10 most common fears in dogs“. Let’s start learning now with Begy.

Fear of thunder (fear of rain)

Thunder phobia or fear of rain is very common and ranks at the top of the list for causing restlessness in dogs. The degree of fear for each individual can be different, some are only mildly afraid, some will be extremely scared.
Dogs are afraid of thunder and rain
Dogs are afraid of thunder and rain
When it rains or thunders, the dogs with this symptom will become panic, you can easily notice that they are restless, cannot sit still, their limbs are shaking, their mouth is flowing continuously, their ears and tail are drooping. down. Some more serious cases can lead to vandalism or even peeing around.
Many dogs can have symptoms of a general fear of noise, including thunder, in addition, these individuals are also afraid when hearing loud sounds such as fireworks, loud music, car horns…
Some measures to help reduce this fear are stroking the dog’s back or chest or buying a specialized shirt that helps improve the fear of thunder in dogs called a Thundershirt.

Fear of firecrackers

Another common cause of fear in dogs is fear of fireworks. Similar to the fear of heavy rain accompanied by thunder, very loud sounds such as fireworks and continuous flashing lights also affect the nervous system of dogs.
Dogs are afraid of firecrackers
Dogs are afraid of firecrackers
In some cases, the sound of firecrackers can cause your dog to completely lose control, possibly run away (if you’re out on the street), and get lost. They can get used to this sound after a few exposures if the symptom is mild.
In cases where the phobia is too great, you can also treat it with Thundershirt as mentioned above or with anti-anxiety drugs, tranquilizers.
In cases where the phobia is too great, you can also treat it with Thundershirt as mentioned above or with anti-anxiety drugs, tranquilizers.

Fear of loneliness (fear of being alone)

Surely we all agree that dogs are very emotional animals, so the fear of dogs being alone without an owner is also a common symptom in dogs, they often show symptoms of aggression. Break or bark a lot, whine when the owner leaves the house.

The method to deal with this fear is to give the dog an acclimatization mentality, this process must be done slowly, slowly. The best way is to change the time you leave home, leaving at first for a short period then ascending, ascending.

Alternative methods such as cage training, while you are away, can also bring positive factors. Alternatively, you can think of an additional measure that is to ask someone to look after the dog when you need to be out for a long time.

Fear of going to the vet (or fear of the vet)

It is very normal for dogs to be afraid of the veterinarian because the veterinarian is a stranger that they do not know, besides, strange items, strange smells at the veterinary hospital also make dogs afraid of the vet. Dogs have psychological problems.
Dogs are afraid of vets
Dogs are afraid of vets
This fear is not too great, the dog can get used to it after a while by taking the dog to the vet a few times for a preliminary health check without having to go to a doctor. Praise, if your dog stays calm when coming to the vet, this is a good measure for mental and psychological comfort when coming here.

Fear of sitting in a car

Even humans, there are still some individuals who are very afraid to sit in a car, especially a car because it can cause them to get motion sickness, right?
In dogs, being afraid of riding for the first few times is quite understandable because it is a new feeling, if your dog is exposed to fear too late, they can sometimes become obsessed and very difficult to get used to.
Dogs are afraid of car
Dogs are afraid of car
To overcome the fears of dogs, you can introduce them to this form of travel early, let them go out, or go to the vet when they are young. Some ways to reassure your dog if he has this symptom is to give him a comfortable feeling when getting in the car by stroking his fur or playing with the dog. In addition, the dog can get used to it by moving short distances so that the dog gets used to it.

Fear of going up or downstairs

Have you ever seen your dog hesitate and tremble when going up or downstairs? If not, it means your dog has been used to this early on.
A lot of dogs experience symptoms of fear of stairs and this is almost a phobia of them. This happens because you have not taught them to climb stairs at a young age or have not had the opportunity. exposed to stairs a lot
Some dogs can overcome this fear if you know how to organize and turn climbing stairs into a game for your baby. Others will overcome their fear by learning step-by-step, and this will require a fair amount of getting used to.
In older dogs, the reluctance to ask them to climb stairs can cause bone problems so make sure your dog is healthy when you want them to climb up and down stairs every day. Another possible cause of a dog’s obsession with stairs could be that they have fallen stairs in the past.

Symptoms of fear of men

Sounds ridiculous, isn’t it, but it’s very reasonable under scientific research. According to some studies, dogs are sometimes afraid of men. Because of their deep voice, too large body, sometimes. Because their eyebrows are too bushy, which makes dogs feel aggressive, they worry.
Dogs that are afraid of men should be supported and approached slowly. If you don’t want a sudden, unannounced swat (and this happens very often, of course). Make sure you have good eye contact and don’t scare the dog by glancing or staring at the dog. Food is also a pretty good approach in this case

Fear of strangers

Phobias are sometimes similar to phobias of men, but here they will be fearful of all people. They have never met or people they do not often meet (not family members).
This is a very difficult fear to overcome because you cannot make dogs friendly with everyone. Some breeds can even attack even acquaintances if they deliberately approach their owners. Intentionally forcing dogs to approach someone they don’t know if they’re scared can “leave teeth marks ^^”

Fear of children

Dogs can be obsessed with children for several reasons. The most fear of dogs common is when children are not aware and play with dogs excessively. Such as throwing things or pulling, stomping on the dog’s tail.
Dogs are afraid of children
Dogs are afraid of children
Another cause may be the dog’s late contact with the child. Some families raise a dog before the baby is born, which will help the dog get used to children well. Conversely, when a family has children and dogs are brought back later, there may be some friction between “these two”.

Fear of some specific objects

Some specific objects can be any objects around life. Some dogs may be afraid of something as simple as a ball, a vacuum cleaner, a car, etc. In this case, there is no need to be too concerned because the object may not appear.
right after that
In addition, some dogs are also afraid of cats and rats, is that strange. But does your dog have any other fears? Please comment below so everyone knows and offers a way to fix it. ^^

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