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Cat owners often tell you that cat operations mean nothing. Most of us accept it as the display. It is measurement that is the language of cats that humans need to learn.
If you’re not a cat person, trying to explain what’s going on in a cat’s head isn’t easy. Experts conducted a small study on the thoughts of cats. Let’s find out with Begy.

1. The behavior of cats when rubbing their heads against human paws?

When the cat uses its face or body against its owner’s paw, it is wanting to be fed. This is the action when the kitten wants the mother to feed. In addition, the fact that cats rely on their owners’ feet is also to mark their territory. They want to let their scent stick to their owner. Express to other cats that “this person is his”.

Cats also frequently rub on chairs, doors, toys, and everything in sight. He wants to tell everyone that these are his things. According to experts and veterinarians, cats are very territorial. They consider their owners an asset as well. And of course, cats love that property.

The behavior of cats rubbing their heads and faces against their owners seems to show emotion and attract the owner’s interest. But they also rub their heads and faces against the furniture in the house. But in addition, cats also rub their heads together to show friendliness.

Cats when rubbing their heads against human paws
Cats when rubbing their heads against human paws

2. The behavior of cats when going to the toilet is not in the right place

This is an unusual cat behavior. Think about taking your cat to the vet. It represents some kind of mental stress or health problem. Your cat may have a bacterial infection or a blocked urinary tract.

Using the toilet can be so painful that cats don’t want to use the litter box. Kidney or liver diseases also cause your cat to go to the bathroom more often than usual. And this causes inconvenience to the cat.

In addition, emotional causes cause this condition. Cats are stressed by many of the same things as people. For example, if you have just brought a new cat home. Or you often have to travel for work…

These are the reasons why the cat’s behavior from playing without using the litter box. Sometimes, stressful living conditions make an existing urinary tract condition worse.

3. The behavior of cats that like to bite and tear things

Cats don’t bite furniture for pleasure, but because they need to regularly scratch their claws to keep their claws sharp and strong. You can solve it by providing a scratching post for cats, a cat tree house. Although it can be quite time consuming for cats to get used to it.

You can prevent your cat from scratching furniture by moving away objects he can scratch. Cover furniture, or even apply two layers of duct tape or sandpaper/sandpaper to the floor where your cat often stands and scratches.

If you can’t easily prevent your cat from scratching, you can trim her nails periodically. Or put more plastic nails on top of the cat’s nails to keep them from destroying furniture in the house.

cat's claws
Cat’s claws

4. Cat behavior when rolling back and forth

If the kittens lie down and roll over, they are most likely trying to play. As a cat lover, you should not decline their invitation. For newborn kittens, cat toys are very diverse. Could be the owner’s limbs, the mother’s tail. Or just a small item can make them play around all day.

There are even cats that play with their own tails, like some dogs chasing its tail. But it still likes the most are the small, long grass with fringed ends. Or a roll of wool, the ball can be rolled. Those are very interesting things for kittens to play.

5. The behavior of the cat lying close to the ground

There are many times when you see your cat lying on the ground. They seem to be showing that they will fight to the end. When the kitten is crouched on its back, lie down and hold out its paws. It is preparing for a match. The behavior of cats and dogs when raising their claws and baring their teeth means that they are preparing to attack.

At this time, the owner does not need to worry. Many kittens when playing with each other do the same thing. It is a way for them to practice their fighting and hunting abilities later on.

But if your cat has a really aggressive expression. Be careful when touching them, because you can be eaten by them at any time. Because at this time, the cat’s nerves are extremely stressed.

Those are the top 5 behaviors most commonly seen in cats. Maybe in addition to the 5 behaviors that Begy listed above, there will be 1 missing because of other behaviors. It can depend on the cat’s species and behavior to be able to take good care of and raise your cat. Learn more about Cat and Dog care and training tips at Begy. Thank you for reading this article.

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