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Top 5 reasons why cats go to the toilet in the wrong place

Is there any reason behind the cat going to the toilet in the wrong place? Cats are clean and fastidious animals, so it is not difficult to understand when for some reason cats go to the toilet in the wrong place.

The tray design is not suitable for cats

Covered trays are quite common, but most do not like limited space and feel trapped using such trays – a glaring problem in multi-cat homes with territorial disputes. .

Large or overweight cats may find the lidded tray too small, or there may not be enough room to move inside such a tray, and long haired cats may have difficulty keeping their coat clean.

Do not regularly replace cat litter

Cats are highly individualistic: Each cat likes a different type of sand. There are human-scented sands to mask the smell of cat poop, but the smell can be unpleasant to cats.

With each type of sand, the cat will have a different feeling. Cats go to the toilet evolved from desert animals, so they prefer litter with a texture similar to desert sand.

Location set up an cat be cat

“Feng Shui” is very important. If the cat doesn’t like the location of the tray, they won’t use it. For example, if you put the tray too close to food and drink, they will not use the tray because they do not like to eat and clean in the same place.

Dirty toilet tray

This is a common reason because cats have clean features. If you find the tray smelling bad for yourself, imagine what it would be like for cats when they have up to 200 million odor-sensitive cells, compared with 5 million in the human nose.

If the cat sticks its nose into the tray and goes to the toilet elsewhere, it is possible that the tray is not clean enough and there is a “feeling” of the cat’s extremely sensitive nose.

The cat’s living environment has been changed

Cats are animals that do not like change. If your cat stops using the tray after a change in your home, that may be the reason for their unease.

Insecurity is a common psychological condition in cats and can be caused by a variety of behavioral problems, including housework.

Have you just had a new baby, new spouse, family member or new pet? Are you moving or renovating? Or do you change your living habits?


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