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Top 7 Mistakes Taking Care Of Dogs

Adopting a pet requires effort and sacrifice, as we are ultimately responsible for their physical and emotional well-being. However, we can make mistakes that can cause severe problems for dogs. Therefore, Begy Pet Blog will summarize some of the most Mistakes Taking Care Of Dogs.

#Mistake 1: Warm nose means the dog is sick

Mistake 1 Taking Care of Dog
Mistake 1 Taking Care of Dogs

Experts say there’s no scientific evidence that a dog’s nasal temperature has any diagnostic value. Temperatures can change for various reasons, such as environmental conditions that are too hot, genetics, etc. If you want to know if your pets are sick or not, doctors recommend paying more attention to their behavior like eating, drinking, urinating, or defecating. And of course, thermometers can be used to gauge pets’ temperature.

#Mistake 2: Only train when the dog is young and cannot teach an old dog

Mistake 2 Taking Care Dogs
Mistake 2 Taking Care of Dogs

It is possible to train dogs regardless of their age if you have enough patience and teach them properly. You’ve probably heard of Chaser – the most intelligent dog in the world that is still learning new tricks despite being old.

#Mistake 3: All human food is harmless to pets

Mistake 3 Taking Care of Dogs
Mistake 3 Taking Care of Dogs

There are some human foods that can be good for pets such as meat, chopped vegetables, and fruits… However, there are also some foods that are completely healthy for humans but can be harmful. serious intestinal injury to livestock, eg grapes, avocados, onions, and garlic.

#Mistake 4: Dogs must be vaccinated every year

Mistake 4 Taking Care of Dogs
Mistake 4 Taking Care of Dogs

Vaccinations are essential for your pet’s health. However, research has shown that vaccines offer long-term protection from diseases ranging from 7 years or up to a lifetime. A simple blood test can also detect if a pet has enough antibodies to fight infection. So, when you go to the vet, instead of giving your pet a booster shot, you can ask them to do a blood test first.

#Mistake 5: When a pet licks a wound, it heals faster

Mistake 5 Taking Care of Dogs
Mistake 4 Taking Care of Dogs

One of the mistakes when taking care of dogs is that dogs lick their own wounds, they will heal quickly. In fact, if pets lick the wound too much, it can become infected. Veterinarians recommend using an antiseptic spray or disinfecting wash in the case of minor wounds. If there is a deep wound, see a veterinarian.

#Mistake 6: Change the food that is harmful to the pet’s digestion

Mistake 6 Taking Care of Dogs
Mistake 6 Taking Care of Dogs

Another mistake in dog care is not to change dog food for fear of harming the dog. Eating the same food over and over can be boring. Changing the food as long as it is healthy and provides nutrition will not harm their digestive system. Furthermore, veterinarians recommend that feeding them too much of the same food can make their digestive system sensitive to any other food, leading to an allergic reaction.

#Mistake 7: It is not safe to sleep with a pet

Mistake 7 Taking Care of Dogs
Mistake 7 Taking Care of Dogs

It is perfectly safe to co-sleep if you and your pet are both healthy. In addition, studies show that sleeping with your pet can help you relax.

These are common mistakes when we take care of dogs. Follow the Begy Pet Blog to read more about pets!

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