Unwanted Pit Pup Fights For His Life & Is Winning Thanks To Tenacity And Prayer

All dog rescue stories are special but there is just something about a Pit Bull rescue that warms us to the core. Tater Tot was found all by himself tied to a pole.

This poor baby who deserved all the love and care in the world was, instead, discarded like garbage. What he needed more than anything was a real second chance.

When Tater Tot was found, he was suffering from internal injuries. He also had a bad cold. At his age, this was very serious. He needed surgery and the proper intervention to help his little body along. Thankfully, through donations on Facebook, Tater Tot was able to get the care he needed.

After surgery, Tater Tot showed his gratitude with a kiss and a tail wag. Amazingly, dogs do understand when they are getting the help, and love, they need.

Still, nothing was totally certain. The little guy’s health was still touch and go. People all over the world continued to pray for him. People, who never met Tater Tot, shared his photo and asked for more prayers. The little dog was surely blessed!

And then, like the little miracle he is, Tater Tot began to improve dramatically. In two weeks, he was well enough to go to his foster home and fell head over paws in love with his foster mom. For the first time, Tater Tot got to experience what it was like to be a puppy. He was safe and loved. He had toys. It was truly awesome!

But then, out of nowhere, Tater Tot got sick again! He was unable to keep food down and his foster mom rushed him back to his favorite team of vets and technicians. Again, the rescue asked for prayers for the poor boy. And again, people took to their own social media pages to rally behind him.

Tater Tot went back into surgery once he was stable enough. The surgery was successful. And because Tater Tot is such a little fighter, he bounced right back. With tenacity and the power of prayer, this little fella was able to go back to his foster mom!

Five months later, Tater Tot made a full recovery. That is when he got to meet his “Forever Dad!” The pair hit it off immediately. Now Tater Tot is living his best life. His dad spoils him (because he deserves it!) and loves to take him on adventures.

The puppy that was left tied to a pole is living his best life thanks to his rescuers, a heroic medical team, and a patient foster mom. It really does take a lot of people to save a dog like Tater Tot but it is SO WORTH IT! Thanks to all! Watch the adorable dog’s full story below!

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