Wasting-Away Dog Heads For Road Rejecting Help, They Shout As Cars Come Close

The brave and kind-hearted people at Animal Aid received a call about an emaciated dog that was struggling to survive.

She was skin and bones and covered in mange. A woman that lived nearby tried all she could to feed the pup but she was too afraid to let anyone near her. She habitually crossed the busy road repeatedly as if she had no idea the oncoming cars could hurt her.

When Animal Aid rescuers arrived, they were in utter shock by the dog’s appearance. She was basically a walking skeleton. They tried to get as close to her as possible and give her some treats, but she was so hesitant. She wanted the food but the rescuers were just too close to her and that made her very uncomfortable.

Just as the caller explained, the dog then wandered over to the busy road. There were trucks, motorcycles, and cars zooming by but it was as if the dog had no idea the vehicles could hurt her. The rescuers screamed for her to stop but she didn’t. This called for immediate intervention.

One rescuer went into his vehicle and got a net. They had to capture her or she could easily lose her life. Once she was safely in the net, they loaded her into the van and drove to the rescue center. She was then examined by the medical team right away.

The veterinarian and his staff didn’t waste a second. Her mange was so severe that she needed immediate treatment. She was given antibiotics for her secondary skin infections and some medication for pain. The dog was sweet and patient but definitely fearful of touch.

Once she was treated, they set up a nice kennel. Animal Aid volunteers always stay with them inside the kennel for their first meal. They make sure that the dog is comfortable and given as much love as possible. But as the volunteer put down the bowl of food, the dog refused to eat. They were all very concerned.

The poor pup faced the wall and rejected the kind woman’s touch. But the woman, knowing her fear, understood that this dog needed to be left alone. Once the woman left the kennel, and everyone gave the dog some space, she began to eat. At least her empty belly would be happy.

It was obvious that the dog was fearful of people but she needed daily medicated baths in order to treat her mange. This was going to be a challenge. But no one was giving up! It took a lot of patience and a lot of love but she finally allowed the volunteers to bathe her. She was making tremendous progress!

Even though most of her needs were being met, medically, everyone was worried that she would never feel comfortable at the sanctuary. The volunteers weren’t able to get near her and she shied away from playtime with the other dogs. Food and medical treatment were of course a priority but this pup needed to live a full life in all aspects — and this was a major concern. To see what happens next with the help of this amazing rescue group, you have to watch the video for yourself. It’s too amazing to miss! Thank you, Animal Aid!

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