Weird Cat Makes Cocoon Bed Out of Curtains

We all need a little pick me up every now and then and this weird cat certainly fits the bill.

In fact for all of us here, cats are the best pick me up we know!

Whether it’s funny pictures, cat memes, feel-good stories, or hilarious cat videos – we can’t get enough of them, and they certainly beat off the blues.

And a lot of cats can entertain us without even realising it, they bring joy and laughter into our lives.

Which brings me to this video, Indy is a ginger cat that definitely has a very unique personality compared to the other cats in this household.

In fact he also reminds me a lot of my ginger boy who is loving, playful and silly all at once.

He also likes to sleep in rather unusual places which to us look very uncomfortable, but to him obviously not!

So sit back and enjoy this hilarious video of Indy making his own bed.

He manages to bring comedy to an everyday thing.

Cats do sleep a lot after all!

But as well as his own sense of humour we see the other kitties in the house look at him in a bemused way and this adds to the comedy.

At one point he even decides to make his hammock bed right on top of Santi, who is so chilled that all he can do is give a knowing stare into the camera.

I love these kitties and give them 10 out of 10 for effort because this video really made my day!

Don’t you think Indy and Santi would make a great comedy duo – just like Laurel and Hardy!

Watch the video:

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