Woman Slept Beside Tiny Sick Kitten Gasping To Breathe So He Didn’t Die Alone

A kind woman named Lauren was contacted by a former co-worker.

The lady told Lauren that she had a litter of kittens that were all fine except one. The tiny white kitten was struggling to breathe. He was so sick that his temperature dropped drastically; so much so that it didn’t even register on the thermometer. Lauren said she’d be right over.

When Lauren got to the house, she held the tiny kitten. He was certainly at death’s door. Lauren agreed to bring him home. The kitten was taking agonal breaths which indicate he wasn’t going to make it. But Lauren didn’t want to give up so easily. She decided to hold the kitten and sleep beside him, hoping to bring his temperature up. If he did pass away, at least he wouldn’t be alone.

But then something amazing happened the next morning. The kitten perked up a bit and was even able to walk towards Lauren. Lauren finally had some hope. Even though the tiny kitten, she named Walter White, was improving, he still needed extra supportive care. At six weeks old, Lauren had to feed him every three hours.

Lauren was still scared for Walter. He was still so small but with frequent syringe feedings, he got stronger. Within a few weeks, his true personality began to shine. And Lauren was finally able to exhale! This kitten was going to make it.

Walter was transforming at warp speed. His fur was filling in and he was gaining weight. He was starting to play like a real kitten too. To say he’s got spunk is an understatement! Lauren promised that if Walter pulled through, she would keep him. And she stayed true to her word.

There is so much more to Walter’s story that you do not want to miss! And thanks to The Dodo, and their video below, you don’t have to. Walter’s transformation is nothing short of a miracle. We are so relieved Walter got the TLC he needed and pulled through. Lauren, you’re a true hero!

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